The domain Mas Lumen

Lumen : the light, standard unit of measurement in photo; the omnipotent sun in Languedoc.

Domain location : Earth, Europe, France, Languedoc, Hérault, Gabian.

Nature of the soil : shale, basalts, sandstone.

Current aera : 6 hectares, East and South exposure. A human size domain, to make the best wine possible while respecting nature.


Carignan : 50 years old, conducted in Royat and goblet.

Syrah : 30 years old, conducted in Royat.

Grenache : 15 and 35 years, conducted in Royat and goblet.

Terret : 45 years old, (white, black, gray in crowd) led in cordon of Royat.

Driving the natural vine

No chemical fertilizer or herbicide or synthetic molecule, amendment in organic matter to revitalize the soil, plowing, natural grassing, manual brushing with the pickaxe.

Treatments : the bare minimum according to the health status of each plot, the objective being to strengthen the natural defenses of the vine.

Natural vinification : The use of SO2 is reduced to a minimum.

Since 2002, the various guides and the specialized press have recognized the quality of Mas lumen . Well-informed wine merchants, sommeliers, importers and restaurateurs have enabled Mas Lumen to be present on the market in France, Japan, Belgium, the United States, Germany, Swiss and South Korea.

The Staff

Meet Our Team



The creator

It is by observing nature and enclosing it in its case that Pascal began his professional life. Initiation with the greatest photographers, studies of the history of the art, guardian of the Louvre museum...more...



The symbol

Symbol an world in witch the sky has finally joined earth, where these symbols are meeting. Earth, kingdom of human (telluric), and the sky earth of deities (cosmique) meeting such one tangle impossible, a paradoxe not can be solve. The Ourobore is here, alliance indescribable and unknown...

Jean-Charles GROMIER

Jean-Charles GROMIER


CEO, from 1974 to 2006, of a big french industrial group based on many countries (materials of roofing and sealing). Additionally: hunter, golfer, hiker, skier, sailor and amateur of good wines! Today, retired, he follows, with attention, the exploitation (résidence secondary at Sète). he gives direction at the mas Lumen small team, before passing the falls to his sun, Laurent.